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“Cook for Green Competition” bringing in green idea
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“Cook for Green Competition” bringing in green idea
Nearly 3,600 tones of food waste, as much as a weight of 300 double-decker buses, is generated in Hong Kong, however and regrettably, some of those is reusable as food material for a new meal. According to the Greeners Action’s latest survey, about 70% of interviewee express their willingness to use food remain to prepare a new meal, but 24% of them did not know how to do it so gave up at the end.

In order to strengthen public recognition and engagement, we organized ”Cook for Green Competition” that was officially opened today. Families and chefs in Hong Kong were invited to participate in the competition to show their creativities in turning food remain into a delicious meal, winners can get cash prizes and gifts. Being an officiating guest, the EPD’s deputy commissioner, Justice of Peace, Christine Luk, demonstrated impromptu how to make good use of food remain by turning bread crust into bread crumbs, making a nice meal.

Wong Shuk Yi, a TV presenter, being the ambassador of this competition, helped and guided Christine Luk and two citizens to turn bread crust into bread crumbs. Surprisingly, an upgrade from food remain to new food just need a few steps. The son of Wong, Chui Shiu Ping, also with a group of primary school students, prepared some special food from food remain in the Mother’s day.

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