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Greeners Action promotes Food Waste Audit to cut down cost and waste
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 Every year, about 400 thousand tons of food waste are generated by the commercial and industrial sectors in Hong Kong, which are 30% of the total local food waste. After Greeners Action had carried out trial food waste audit on local housing estates and restaurants, concrete plans were made to assist them to reduce food waste effectively. Therefore, we would like to urge the government to force the commercial and industrial sectors to carry out regular food waste audit which can help them find out the surplus ingredients and hence lower the food cost and also generate less municipal solid waste. Food waste audit reveals the quantity and types of food waste generated by local food suppliers so that waste reduction measures can be made.

On 23rd October, Greener Action has carried out a food waste audit to examine the food waste produced by Club Midtown, a clubhouse restaurant under Kai Shing Management Services Limited, on 22nd October. Mr. Lau Ka Wing, the Properties and Facilities Manager said, “We collaborated with Greeners Action four months ago to perform our first trial sampling food waste audit. The result showed that leftover rice has occupied nearly 60% of the restaurant’s food waste, which was really shocking. We have then taken the recommendation from Greeners Action and act responsively. In August, we have promoted the “Save $1 for Less Rice” policy to tackle the problem of excessive leftover rice. We have posted notice and added reminder on menus to encourage customers’ participation. Moreover, we have ordered 5% rice less than usual.”

After careful separation and calculation of food waste by the five auditors from Greeners Action on 23rd October, it is found that the amount of leftover rice had decreased to 27% of the total restaurant’s food waste.

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