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Since 2018, the Greeners Action has been assisting EPD in organizing a number of large-scale environmental campaigns. We set up waste reduction measures during planning stage, like setting up clean recycling stations, educating participants by environmental ambassadors the correct way of resource separation. According to our observation, general public are still lacking of knowledge in “Three-typed paper & two-typed plastic waste” categorization. Although we appreciate and support very much EPD’s proactive promotion on green campaigns, however, more education is needed as the success of the upcoming Municipal Solid Waste charging scheme relies heavily on the correctness of recycling by the public. Our stance is that the government is needed to strengthen its promotional and educational effort in short term to let the general public adapt to, thus gradually and spontaneously practice resource separation by making good use of recycling facilities in the community, thereafter the waste reduction goal could be reached with the implementation of Municipal Solid Waste charging scheme. At the same time, the government should learn from Taiwan regarding the introduction of green admission deposit for large-scale campaigns. Through economic incentive, participating units are encouraged to reduce waste generation.

The Greeners Action is now conducting the “Green Lunar New Year in Tai Po”. So far, we have successfully invited 50 booths to take green actions to reduce waste together during the Lunar New Year. On 2018 November, having communications with booth owners, we encouraged them to turn their booths to become “green booth” by putting back packaging materials like cardboard, plastic bag, foam plastic box to designated recycling point, either taking away or putting back to recycling corner any remaining goods for us to further distribution or follow up. Some of those could even become a “star-rated green booth” through taking more green actions. We hope the close cooperation between the government, business sector and community could further reduce the amount of waste disposal in Lunar New Year.

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