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Mr. Keiji Tsukahara and Mr. Ho Hon Wai with “Saver 4 plastics”
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Mr. Keiji Tsukahara, Director of Administration and Corporate Finance of AEON and Mr. Ho Hon Wai, Executive Director of Greeners Action appealing to the public to shop with “Saver 4 plastics”
The survey in questionnaire conducted by the Greeners Action from March to April 2019 shows Hong Kong people are dumping over 46 million single-use plastic cutleries and containers are disposed in Hong Kong every week, in which the problem of plastic bag disposal is the most serious one. AEON thinks reducing plastic bag disposal has become a trend from local to world-wide, so it decisively cooperates with the Greeners Action to launch the “Plastic Free Shopping Campaign” starting today to 2019 September, during which a series of pluralistic promotional activities would be organized by Greeners Action staff in 11 AEON departmental stores and supermarkets. One of the examples is 4 customer-oriented plastic-free workshops aimed at encouraging restaurants in AEON to adopt plastic-free policies such as only providing disposable plastic tableware upon request. In addition, “plastic-free” ambassador will inspect on average 3 times per month AEON departmental stores and supermarkets, rewarding those who have brought Eco-bag and food container. The activities’ aim is to raise public awareness in reducing the use of disposable plastic items by alternatives thus through concerted efforts we could build a green, healthy society.
For this campaign, AEON has designed 4 lovely characters, Vegetable shopping bag (Vege Mum), Reusable food containers (Box Son), Insulation bag (Sis), Eco-bag (Eco-bag Dad), hoping to motivate customers to bring their own reusable items, then gradually kick the habit of plastic bags, disposable plastic boxes usage so as to fulfill the social responsibility.

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