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【Fight the Virus with No Plastic】

Regarding the situation of the coronavirus infection is continuingly serious, people have less meals gatherings and thus an increase of the amount of single-use plastics consumed by Hongkongers when order takeaway is expected. In respect of this situation, Greeners Action
initiated “Fight the Virus with No Plastic” campaign with a series of events which aims to promote the importance of personal health as well as the sustainable development of the Earth.

Apart from releasing the results of the survey about the amount of single-use plastics consumed when order takeaway (survey results:https://bit.ly/34pdNXN), Greeners Action initiates a “No Plastic Challenge” in Facebook where people from
different backgrounds joined the challenge and helped to spread the messages of “ Takeaway without plastic waste”
and “Fight the Virus with No Plastic, Save Ourselves and Save the Earth “ .

In order to encourage people to bring their own food containers to order takeaway, Greeners Action initiates a program called “No Plastic Economic Circle” from 27th April to 10th May in Yuen Long District by sponsoring 15 restaurants and eateries to join the program. Customers can receive a $5 dollars cash rebate when they buy more than $30 dollars food or drink without asking for any single-use plastics from that 15 particuler restaurants and eateries. Greeners Action aims to cooperate with restaurants and eateries to encourage people to bring their own food containers to order takeaway by providing a cash rebate to customers and hope people will put “No Plastic” into action. (Program details: https://bit.ly/noplastic-5)

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