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Hong Kong, as a coastal city, due to the increased frequency of human activities in Hong Kong, the city has experienced a very serious marine debris problem in recent years. As one of the local green groups, Greeners Action has organized numerous coastal cleanup activities in cooperation with various groups in order to reduce the burden on the oceans.

It is enjoyable and educational to participate in coastal cleanup activities. We also offer guided tours and lead coastal cleanups to participants in addition to providing relevant cleanup tools. By cleaning the coast, participants are able to gain a greater understanding of nature.

Duration: 2-3 hours (Transportation time not included)
Target: Suitable for ages 6 or above (Participants aged under 15 must be accompanied by an adult)
Location: Sai Kung/ Tai Po/ Lantau Island/ Tuen Mun

If interested in organizing a shoreline cleanup event, please feel free to contact Greeners Action at 34991780 or email info@greeners-action.org. Let us contribute to the environment and shorelines!

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