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A Green Forum - “Looking into the Levy Scheme on Plastic Bags”
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The 1st Levy Scheme on plastic bags has been implemented for half a year in Hong Kong. Until now, there have been about 3000 retail stores distributing 13,000,000 plastic bags among 41 registered retail shops. That means they distribute only 157,000 plastic bags on average every day, which has reduced by over 90% compared with the figure (18,000,000 plastic bags) before the implementation of the Scheme. Its levy amount was lower than the expected $67,000,000, but this has indeed fulfilled the aim of the policy – it is better to levy less. The Environmental Protection Department and Greeners Action agreed this policy is successful with its notable effects.

There are many opinions talking about the implementation of the 2nd phase of the Levy Scheme on plastic bags as soon as possible in the society. Greeners Action held a Green Forum called “Looking into the Levy Scheme on Plastic Bags”. They invited Ms. Ha Mei-kei, the Assistant Secretary of Environmental Protection Department; Ms. Lau Yin-hing, the Chief Executive of Consumer Council; Ms. Chan Shuk-chong, the former member of Legislative Council, Ms. Ho Suk-lan, the member of Legislative Council; Mr. Ho Hon-wai, the Executive Director of Greeners Action; and Ms. Wong Ying-ki (who was the host of the forum. They discussed the effectiveness of implementing the Levy Scheme in depth and its impacts towards the environment, society, consumption culture and citizens. Also, we would like to understand how the Government reviews the Scheme and to ponder how the future Levy Scheme proceeds to the 2nd phase, determines the scope and is to be implemented etc for better understanding among different groups in the community.

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